Przedsi─Öbiorstwo Wielobran┼╝owe "Proszki Mleczne", SHN, production and import of milk powders. Full milk powder, fat-free milk powder, skimmed milk powder, casein milk powder, milk for children, infant milk powder, follow-on milk powder 25th anniversary of our company PW "Proszki Mleczne" SHN

Our company was founded in 1992. We are the manufacturers of milk powders. Our products are manufactured in EU factories. We are authorized to sell our products not only in European Union but also in almost whole world. We ensure our clients full service on the entire transport process. From the preparation of the documents, to the arrival of the products at the port.

We mostly specialize in:
- full milk powder SHN,
- full milk powder SHN - instant,
- fat-free milk powder SHN
- fat-free milk powder SHN - instant
- full milk powder Tr
- milk for children Smilk
- bovine colostrum
- demineralized whey powder

We pack our products in 500-1000 kg (Big Bag), 25 kg bags and in cans of 400g, 900g and 1kg.

We are distinguished by two strong advantages: high quality and unbeatable prices.


We do our best to meet the expectations of our customers.We encourage you to cooperate !Milk powders fresh from the cow. Natural milk, GMO free, gluten free, allergens free.